Ideas for a perfect day

Irrespective if you come to Nin for a holiday, health treatment or for learning about its history, the natural beauty, or all this together, it is absolutely certain that you are in for some pleasant surprises. Everyday will be interesting and very nicely fulfilled. And everyday will be different - Nin and its surroundings are truly a real treasure.

Get to know the rich history

Nin's rich history is easy to get to know- its monuments are perfectly built into the present and in places where we intensively live today .Isn't it exciting to drink coffee next to centuries old monuments, ''meet'' statues of historical characters and stop to see where Croatian kings were crowned?! This is just a reminder of some of the interesting things which in a walking tour of Nin are compulsary historical spots. In the field Prahulja can be found the romantic coronation Church of St Nicholas from the 11-12th century. At the very entrance to the town, the statue of Duke Branimir awaits you. Next to the stone bridge, a replica of the old Croatian boat from the 11th century, Condura Croatica can be seen. An unavoidable spot is the monument of Bishop Grgur Ninski, the work of the famous sculptor Ivan Meštrović. According to belief, Grgur grants the wishes of those who touch his big toe. Your wishes will come true, so they say!

During further tours of the walled town, also visit the one time Cathedral-the Church of St Anselm, the Chapel of Our Lady of Zečevo, the Church of St Ambrose, the smallest cathedral in the world - the Church of the Holy Cross and many other historical places. Amongst these are the remains of a Roman mozaic from the 2nd century-as well as, for the inhabitants of Nin, a special and important place, the memorial park of the poet Petar Zoranić from Nin. Your day of history should include a visit to the rich museums of Nin, the Gold and Silver Museum and the Museum of Nin Antiquities. Really Nin is a true historical treasure, and in getting to know it the help of Nin guides will be precious- so that your perfect day of getting to know Nin's past will be just that.

The exceptional gifts of the sea

The beautiful beaches of Nin are created for enjoying the sun and bathing for the whole family. But these are not the only natural gifts coming from the sea. Simply, to be in Nin and not to visit the Saltworks and see the traditional gathering of salt and the Salt Museum, and not to learn about the specific bird life, would be to miss a unique experience, and the getting to know about an important part of the magic of Nin life.

Did you know that ornithologists have recorded about 200 kinds of birds, albeit migratory, as well as the indigenous bird Black Winged Stilt. This bird with its black back and wings, white front and neck,during the summer months can be seen with its young in the shallow waters of the saltpans.

A special attraction within the saltworks is the Museum of Salt which takes visitors through the long tradition of salt production. It is certain,this interesting story of salt will not leave you indifferent, and very few visitors leave without buying an attractive salt souvenir.

One nore interesting gift from the sea attracts visitors, it helps the sick and for the healthy it is an attraction which should not be missed. In close proximity to the famous Queen's Beach, there is a locality rich in medicinal mud, which with professional help and supervision in combination with smearing the mud on the body and then bathing in the warm sea-will help to alleviate many health problems.

The suroundings of Nin – a treasure of experience

The surroundings of Nin are extremely rich and are well worth getting to know- try to plan a visit everyday to part of the attractions. When making your plan, your host will be glad to be of help and offer advice.

When you are in Nin you are relatively near to five beautiful national parks- The National Park Paklenica, the National Park Krka, the National Park Kornati, the National Park Plitvica Lakes and the National Park North Velebit as well as the nature parks Vransko jezero (lake) and Telašćica. Every one of these places is really unique and deserves your attention, ther is no doubt that they will remain a lasting memory.

If you would like to visit the special world of the islands- and each one is really different- we suggest you start with the Island of Pag where you can visit the cheese factory and taste the famous Pag cheese. Here also, you can see how the very famous Pag lace is made. Also interesting are the islands of Ugljan and Pašman for visiting tourist destinations which guarantee a pleasant day out and magnificent excursions.

We advise you to combine your visits to more distant destinations also with visits to places close by. Only two kilometres from Nin is the village Ninski Stanovi where an ecological farm of cows Vigens is located,two kilometres away is the fishing village of Privlaka, then seven kilometres further is Vir, a well known diving location, or ten kilometres further the place called Poljica.

In this last place, there is a family-run donkey farm called Dar-mar which is especially attractive for children. Here donkey milk is produced, which has long been well known for treating children's illnesses such as whooping cough, a substitue for mother's milk it also aids recovery after serious illness.In the place called Poljica there is another family-run business by the family Babac/Damjanić who have their own ecological figs with prize-winning jam made from figs.

History and a Moment just for You

Zadar is without doubt, a beautiful town which is well worth a visit, and it is only 14 kilometres from Nin. The interesting blendof the rich historical heritage and modernity,attracts with its looks and atmosphere historical monuments, amongst the most well known being the Church of St Donat, or the modern attractions of the Sea Organ and the Greetings to the Sun. If you would like to listen to a somewhat strange but mystical sound which is created when the waves splash against and spill into pipes with various openings, you are invited to what is in this world the really unique concert of Zadar's Sea Organ.

The other urban attraction is the Greetings to the Sun which is especially delightful at dusk with its intensive coloured lights. The story of this attraction is connected with Alfred Hitchcock's stay in Zadar during the sixties when he was absolutely delighted with Zadar's sunset which he proclaimed was the most beautiful in the world! And really it is!

Šibenik, Trogir and Split - three UNESCO pearls

A stay in Nin is an ideal opportunity to visit other Dalmatian towns which are located about one or two hours drive away. Šibenik, about 107 kilometres from Nin is an historical town framed by a fortress with its trademark the Cathedral of St James –included on UNESCO's world heritage list – known for the fact that only stone was used in the building of it without any other kind of material. Your journey can take you on to romantic Trogir, a town of monuments with numerous valuable buildings from Romanesque, Gothic and the Renaissance which has given it the title of the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic town in central Europe, and because of this UNESCO have included it on their world heritage list...

The journey continues to Split, twenty kilometres further on from Trogir. It is the second largest city in Croatia with a rich past and interesting present. The most important historical part is the Diocletian's Palace- one of the best kept monuments of Roman building in the world and also included on the UNESCO world heritage list. The Emperor's Palace was built between 295 and 305 as a combination of a luxurious villa and a Roman garrison (castrum), which was mostly built from the world famous Brač stone taken from the nearby island of Brač.

Awaken romance

Nin has a thousand interesting faces and experiences.As a change from looking at historical sights, and as an expression of your desire to restore the calm and joys of life into the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we suggest that you should take a special trip: a trip to romance! Visit the lovely coronation Church of St Nicholas where an important part of Croatian history took place. Visit the smallest cathedral in the world, the Church of the Holy Cross and watch the enchanting play of light and shadow. Stop at the memorial park of the famous Nin poet Petar Zoranić. Enjoy the magnificent beaches of Nin and unique sunsets, sail on the replicas of old Nin boats and touch the toe of Grgur Ninski and make a wish. We are unable to say whether it is due to this tradition or to everything that you have seen and experienced here – you being confident, calm and livelier go on............until we meet again in Nin!

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