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Visitors and experts agree on: the area of Nin and its surroundings is a unique landscape of rare plant and animal species with 8 NATURAL 2000 habitats, 5 endemic, 4 critically endangered, 1 endangered and 5 sensitive plants. This area is of exceptional value to the present day generations as well as those future generations for which it has to be preserved. This is what it is done here profesionally and with no compromise.

The existence of NATURA 2000 habitats is due not only to the uniqueness and features of this area but also to the sustainable development and the awareness of the local people of the importance of nature and the interdependence of biological diversity and tourism. In the Nin lagoon very rare habitats formed: a low muddy and sandy coast with marshy areas containing the distinctive flora and fauna and sand dunes with rare plants. Professionals recognise the ecological value of the Nin habitats so that the plant communities connected with sandy and muddy shores are strictly protected and listed as important habitats in the natural ecological network. The preservation of nature is carried out according to the criteria of the world's largest coordinated network protection areas, NATURA 2000. One thing is certain: Nin's extraordinary natural heritage is an exceptional regional and national attraction and value to the world.

The most important habitats according to the report of biologist Jasenka Topić:
In the wider area of Nin there are low muddy, sandy and rocky shores and rocky grassland and these habitats are not only endangered in Croatia, but in Europe as well. They are, therefore, all in the EU Habitats Directive and are covered by the NATURA 2000 Network.

List of habitats according to the Directive on Habitats of EU (NATURA 2000):
- 1150* Coastal lagoons (*habitats having priority status)
- 1210 Vegetation mainly annual halophita on coasts with organic deposits.
- 1310 Silty and sandy coast covered with species of Salicornia and other annual halophita.
- 1410 Mediterranean salt meadow
- 14120 Mediterranean and thermo-Atlantic species vegetation halophilic bushes (halophilous scrub)
- Sub Mediterranean grasslands of the alliance Molinio-Hordeion secalini (code 6540) hosting endemic and rare plant species.

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