The bird world

The wetland habitat – the salt works are also counted in their artificial shape – are important for the survival of endangered and rare species, especially birds. Over 250 species live here.

The synergetic working of sediment, salinity, the shape of the basin and the lagoon, as well as the specific plant world which grows in the lagoon and salt works –which make living conditions extreme - create a habitat for an interesting and varied animal world adapted to these conditions.

Of the varieties of wetland birds the most well known are: Black-winged Stilt, Kentish Plover, Little Egret and the Kingfisher.

The salt work park is the habitat of a varied plant and animal world. For example, the south –European toothcarp, a fish 6-7 centimetres in length can live in very salty water, the sea and freshwater. The small shrimp Artemia salina (a species of brine shrimp) can adapt excellently to life in very salty water, but can also survive drought too. Interestingly, its eggs have a membrane which protects them from drying out, so that even after 10 years on dry land, as soon as they come into contact with water, the little shrimps hatch. In the fight for survival, life wins...

For bird lovers and birdwatchers, but also for those who love nature, this unique swamp habitat is an entrance to a completely new and special world which will surprise them with its specific features and leave them spellbound by its particular beauty. Man however, takes care of it, making the protection of nature and its conservation the priorities of this area. Educational programmes, guides through the habitats, the construction of informative pathways and the explanation of flora and fauna are your guide into that world and a window into yet another interesting, educative, special Nin story.

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